is a community which creates languages and tools.
Softwares created by are as follows.

Schluessel: a Scheme interpreter A R5RS Scheme interpreter runs on Java 6 or above.
ShikiML: a mathematical formula markup language A language which markup mathematical formulae by ASCII art.
ShikiPL: a mathematical formula processing language A language which processing mathematical formulae by ASCII art.
Rena: a parsing library A library which parses LL grammar with backtracking.
Rei: a JavaScript Regular Expression Library A JavaScript regular expression library. The feature of the library are shown as follows.
  • Describing regular expression by JSON
  • Supports Unicode properties
  • Continuous matching of regular expressions
MonadPrimus: a JavaScript monad library A JavaScript monad library which includes lazy evaluation list, either monad and so on.
Astraia: a Pattern-based JavaScript Object Conversion Library Converts JavaScript objects by patterns.
Umalu: a UML sequence diagram drawer by ASCII art A UML sequence diagram drawer by ASCII art.
Dekoration: a Programming Language A programming language. This is described by JavaScript.
Koume: a Programming Language by JSON A programming language describing by JSON. This is described by JavaScript.
Nina: a language which describes automata A language which describes automata by text arts.
morilib Relations:a relational DBMS A relational DBMS implemented by Java.
DDL statement, CSV files and MS Excel xlsx format files are used as database file.